Terms and conditions


Miaysafar website is in compliance with ecommerce terms and conditions, cybercrime code and law and regulations of Islamic republic of Iran. Web content and services provided are produced to be used in this website. If individuals or legal entities abuse the website’s information, contexts, photos, patterns, logo, they will be prosecuted. Any citation of the website’s content in internet is permissible through mentioning website’s name and link and in paper media by obtaining a written permission from website officials. Users’ private information is completely confidential. In order to protect users’ privacy, they should not collaborate with individuals or legal entities in any form in hacking the website. Only clients will have the user name and password which shall be used for receiving any service or support therefore protecting the password and username shall be users own responsibility. Users are committed to fill out the forms with correct information. They will be accountable for further consequences if they fill out the forms with false or misleading information. Users are committed to correct the information in the website as soon as a change happens in their personal information. Miaysafar will not be liable for any acts or omissions by users. Miaysafar is in charge of online ticketing and shall not be liable for delays, cancelation, Misuse of Miaysafar’s name or website, maintain correspondence with other companies in the behalf of Miaysafar or the usage of very similar names with the company is prohibited and shall be prosecuted through crime code courts, legal references or informing internet service providers and receivers. Miaysafar website will not contribute users’ information with other companies and legal references are allowed to access their information in certain condition. Unutilised use of / Using and extracting any kind of data and flight or train search results including airlines’ names, numbers, type of flights or trains and their price in any form via robots, crawlers, etc. and publishing the information in various ways for instance on websites, social media, mobile messenger, print media, digital media, ….